Bernie McManus with his Breeders Award
Breeder of Bercar Passive, graduated 2004

Bercar Jerseys are situated on the northern plains of Victoria in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation district near Echuca. A district that, with much of eastern Australia, has suffered many years of drought conditions, putting every farmer to the test. Many have given in and left the industry, but some are survivours and with the help of their high production Jersey cows, moving on.

The McManus family have farmed at Bamawm Extention for over 40 years and have continuously milked and bred Jersey cows building the genetic merit of their herd to currently being one of the highest rated herds in Australia. Since the inception of cow ABVs the Bercar herd has been consistently at the top of the list, usually placed number 1, 2 or 3 - an outstanding effort, and proof of an outstanding breeding plan that uses the best genetics from each country without bias. The herd is backed by generations of the best AI Jersey bulls that have been available over the years.

The whole herd has been registered through the Genetic Recovery program after many years of operation on a purely commercial basis. A.I. has been used for 30 years, for many years only A.I. bred heifers have been raised. Progeny Testing has always played a big part at Bercar, with their belief that it is an essential part of breeding good bulls and cows and a way for farmers to support their own industry and future. Their involvement dispels any myth that you cannot be involved in progeny testing and have a good, high genetic merit herd. 

Many bulls have gone into progeny test from Bercar, with several to receive proofs in the next few years - expect the Bercar name to be prominent on bull ABV lists for years to come.

After over 20 years of working in the herd improvement industry while simultaneously running their farm and raising 4 children, Bernie and Carol now boast one of the most respected herds in Australia

In 2004, further proof of this herd's genetic value came with 3 bulls being proven from the Genetics Australia progeny test team, a previously unheard of event. These bulls are set to leave an indelible mark on the Jersey cow of the future.  They are Bercar Passive, Bercar Saratoga and Bercar Bramble.

Bercar Passive currently sits at number 13 on APR, well above his sire DNKFYNLEMVIG at 31.  There are currently six Bercar bulls listed in the top 200 APR list.

Bercar Poppins (x Mr Yank), dam of Bercar PASSIVE

In 2004 Bernie added another dimension by being invited to judge the Goulburn Valley Jersey Breeders Club's On Farm Challenge, something he enjoyed immensely.

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