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Colac & District Jersey Breeders Club Inc.

Formed 13th October 1949

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The Colac and District Jersey Breeders Club membership covers a large and diverse area, from the irrigated Basalt Plains in the North that include volcanic formations and historic dry stone walling to the lush pastures and native bushland in the secure rainfall areas in the South.
This makes every operation and property unique and interesting even to family members that may not be totally cattle oriented.

Warrion Hill Lookout
Social Day on Warrion Hill hosted by the Chant Family

The Club was formed by a group of forward thinking Jersey breeders to promote the Jersey Cow, over the years the methods of promotion have changed but the ideal remains the same.

The Club has been very lucky to be guided over the years by a group of likeminded energetic, progressive and dedicated members. A close working relationship has developed between our Club and the Western Club with members of both Clubs supporting each other's events as well as co-hosting some events and supplying equipment and personnel when required.

Our highly regarded On Farm Challenge, run in October each year, was developed to promote cows of Jersey Type and has had many innovative changes since its inception in 1994. Some of these improvements include the full results, including points being available to every entrant and a video recording taken of every cow judged for wide screen display during the presentation dinner. The home based computer that replaced the pen and paper has been replaced by a traveling laptop computer and its skilled operator. In 2003 the Judges, Stewards and support crew visited 24 farms over three days and pointed 212 cows, traveling over 900 kms in the process.

Yearlings at Larpent. Victoria

The Club holds regular farm walks that are both social and educational, meetings when necessary and social functions, the social functions include a Christmas dinner, Annual dinner, ten-pin bowling night and Cup Sweep to name a few.

The Club has hosted, co-hosted and catered for a variety of events including Federal and State conferences, Tours, Classification and Judging schools, a youth camp, calf shows, cattle sales and local and international speakers.

Individual members of our Club have held positions of great responsibility including National Classifiers, Show and On Farm Challenge Judges, State president and Company Director.

Lake Corangamite, near Leslie Manor. Vic.

 President's Contact Details
Name: Steve Chant
Address: 245 Melrose Rd. Warrion
Australia Vic, 3249
Phone: Aus +(03) 5234 8416
Fax: Aus +(03) --------
Mob: ---- --- ---
Email: Click here

 Secretary's Contact Details
Name: Kerry McGarvie
Address: 242 Darlington Rd.Camperdown
Australia Vic, 3260
Phone: Aus +(03) 5593 9347
Fax: Aus +(03) ---- ----
Mob: ---- --- ---
Email: Click here

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