Kaddy Jerseys


Kaddy Jerseys
Andrew Younger
50 Zeerust School rd
Zeerust Vic 3634
Ph 03 58298352
JDCAP accredited since 2004
herd base score is 4
many animals score 7
EBL monitored negative

 Kaddy Trader Girl 16 VHC    jnr Champion Great Southern Challenge 2001 

Kaddy was established in 1981  , currently comprises 220 + milkers on 250 acres of irrigation 10kms north of Shepparton in the Goulburn Valley Victoria
  AI has always been used at Kaddy with home bred sons of AI bulls  used over heifers or to "clean up " after AI.  Young sires have always been a part of Kaddy's AI usage.

Herd ave 2007/08  5102 litres 3.9% 200kg p 5.3% 270kg fat in 287 days     [including unregistered & crossbred cows}

  Bulls that have been used in the past with Success at Kaddy include
  Francliff Coronation {Franc}, Densondale Delights Sam {sam}, Sproslea Hi Lindan {Hi}, Myrtle Grove Bright Spark ,Tarnhowe Flash Lancer ,Stonyrun Duncan Commodore , Fairweather Opportunity, Duncan Duke of Glenwood ,Molly Brook Brass Major, HIGHLAND DUNCAN LESTER, Sooner Centurion, Astound
 Bulls that currently have milking daughters include Lester, Astound, Centurion, Malcom, Biestar, Schultz Performing Legend, Brook, Perimeter, Goldglo, Lemvig,Flower Power, Pitino, Paspalum Ads Liberator , Crescent Ace of Spades , Augustus, Manhattan, Badger, sandblast
 Bulls currently in use:-  Vanahlem, Elton, Sandblast, Taranak, BlackstoneFlowerpower, Astound, NzlSpades, BW Special Forces, Badger,Tailboard, SpiritualLarfalot, Hipflask Eclipses P  + 20% PT sires:-Aries, Vipor, Rascal, Sarge, Sega Cairnbone Roxalot Sage Aberian Tomtom  Sassafrass

 Cow Families at Kaddy Include :- Petunia, Lovelies, Tulip Girl, Silvermine, Magnificent, Brunette, Choice, Sleeping Beauty Fairybell, Winks  From Molly Brook [USA] Flower from Cedarcrest USA  Belle  from Altop USA Althea
  From   Big Hollow[NZ}:- Bird /bouvardia, Sameen, Carol/ Clara, Daisy               From Francliff:- Illusion, Ellous, Ilagay, Beryl, Bunty, Dainty, Rose, May      From Belgonia:- Marie, Daisy, Portia, Narcissuss, Eileen                                     From Karraglen:- Princess, Fairy, Ruby 
FromTarnhowe{NZ}:- Maid, Marlene  From Cairnbrae:-Daisy, Estelle, Illumination, Design, light, Pansy 
  From Monvale:-Mistletoe, Ixia ,Peace ,Jersey Glen Lettys {NZ}
  From Warwick :-Olola, Elwise, Nicole {Noelene} 
      a few of these families have polled lines within them via Fair Weather Opportunity P daughters and their offspring

                   Kaddy Lester Fairybell 8 VHC
            3rd Prize 2yr old in milk Jersey Showcase '96
           used by ABS Australia in their 1996 spring jersey sire directory
Grand daughters by Centurion 2 VHC  & Malcom VHC and  great grand dtrs by Blackys Bigtime VHC  Astound VHC     

Lesters fairybell 8 as a mature cow


           Kaddy Success Magnificent 9 Sup Ex 92   5415 4.93 267 3.88 210
            { sire: Molly Brook Major Success}
              1st 8 yrs & over GMJBC OFC 2006        she has daughters by Lightwood Leda 86@2yrs  &  sooner {88},  Parade Tbone & Gannon   a grand daughter by Royals Green Elmo Ex 92  ggdaughters by blackstone     (one of the Blackstones sells IDW2010)                           


  Anvale Armada Belle 2 ET VHC 91 ex 88pt declo ex 88pt khan ex 92 pt brook from Duncan Belle  has a dtr by Gannon


Kaddy Guru Ellous 22 P VHC 91
Sire Kaddy Yanks Guru
5209 4.97 259 3.67 191
Her centurion daughter is VHC

Kaddy has several families founded with cows of numerous generations of VHC  backing  like

just arrived  at Kaddy        Double-D Flowerpower Tulip Ex 92  this 10,641 litre cow is 4th generation over 90 points her dam Livewire Lemvig Tulip is a full sister to Testrun   also at Kaddy

Nowell Mans SandySExExExExEx Ex {12th gen} Pi 130 top PI in herd  300kgs fat as a 2 yr old   she has AI interest and is a 4th gen bull mother   sire: Manhattan  her dam Nowell Power Sandy VHC 92 pts is  from the Tarnhowe Lilac Time Family; the family that has produced great bulls like  Tarnhowe Gay Sambo, Francliff Sea Voyager, Myrtle Grove Bright Spark, Tailboard  Samboy Hipflask  Great cows like Tarnhowe Blue Sylvia,  Tarnhowe Merry Samantha, Ferdon Vin's Sandra, Rye Valley Admirals Sandra  etc   Dam is a full sister to Hipflask @ GA apr 113  her maternal sister by Parade sold for $7,000 her Maternal brother by Parade is under PT                         Mans Sandy has an Ex 3 yr old an  87@2 yrs Parade heifer  her parade bull SARGE is undergoing PT   her April 2010 Larfalot bull SEGA is at Genetics Australia   she hasspiritual,  Elton and 5 T-Bone daughters


Mapperly Armada Iris 6 {dam is 4th gen VHC}PI 133  6997 325fat 250prt  dam of Intact @ Genetics Australia APR 145   Pictured below with her Dam Loxleigh Astound Iris 2 VHC EX   she has a daughter  Kadddy Astound Iris

 Mapperly Armada Iris 6   her full sister is VHC 91

 Loxleigh Astoud Iris 2 VHC Ex                                                      full ET sister to Loxleigh Astound Iris 4 sup 94 & L A Iris 5 sup 93, Iris 6 VHC 91, Iris 3 sup 92


   Monvale Gants Mistletoe VHC EX  {4th gen VHC EX}
  dam of at least 3 VHC daughters and 6 records over 300kg fat & 200 kg pr
                      Her Daughter

     Kaddy Astound Mistletoe VHC  6020 4.0 240p 5.3 321 kg fat   has daughters  lester 88 pts and Brookbi  flowerpower

 Marshden Statesman Olola VHC  { 7th Gen VHC}
 has  granddaughters by Astound VHC  and Lester 86pts  


Mon Vale Cs Dimple Winks  VHC Ex  {7th Gen VHC}       6 records over 300kg fat 230 kgs prt has 2 daughters milking by CRCSchindler (86) and Graber (88) grand daughter by flowerpower

 Ivuss Sweetpea 171 Ex { 3rd Gen VHC}   4243 6.6 282 4.4 188
    she has daughters by lester 86 @ 2yrs , Astound VHC , flower power  Grand daugthers by spiritual, special forces

Belgonia Dazzling Portia 2 VHC {7th Gen VHC}
               5794 5.3 307 238 reserve Snr Champ dairy cow Shepparton national dairy show

                  Navillus Handsome Girl 13 HC+ {88}  Photo @ 12 yrs
                    sire Densondale Delights Sam
                foundation cow of the Girl family at Kaddy 
                        Her great grand daughter
         Kaddy Trader Girl 16 VHC  jnr Champ GSC 2001
  Trader x Lester X Top Goal X Densondale Delights Sam
 Bemersyde Design Eileen 440  VHC   4668 5.6 260F 4.15 194 prt 

   Naranda Park Molly R35  VHC Ex  8255 404F 311prt 3 times over 8,000 litres is another foundation cow from the Tarnhowe Maid family daughter by Tbone 

                Kaddy Centurion Petunia 7
  used by Select Sires USA in their 1997 Spring Jersey Sire Directory
   Top producing family   Petunia family with members like
 Brook Petunia 14 Ex 6590litres  309 263 av PI 125/5
 Brook Petunia 15 88 7387litres 326 290 av PI 133/4 these 2 ET sisters have  been the top 2 PI cows in the herd with their dam & G dam also regularly in the top 5 PI cows. their VHC Astound sister 6264 3.9 243prt 5.1 321fat   275 days PI 128 


 Foundation Sooner Bouy Ex 91  (USA)   Kaddy is also a member of the Aus Foundation syndicate that imported  Trader embryos from Foundation Sooner Bouy Ex  {USA}   Kaddy has a daughter of her astound grand daughter by  Blackhawk  6786 5.4 369 fat 4.2 287 prt  PI 130 has a daughter by Gannon 

Currently Flushing:- Nowell Mans Sandy , Sucess Magnificent 9 sup 92, Elmos Magnificent 13 Ex 92pts , Sleeping Beauty VHC , Guru Ellous 22 VHC 91, Power Flower EX 91

Embryos implanted from  :-Man Sandy by Vanahlem  Sucess Magificent 13 By Parade and Vanahlem  Blaxland Adealo Althea VG 86 by Vanahlem Livewiwre Lemvig Tulip Ex by Elton

Frozen embryos { enquires welcome}   :-  Nowell Mans Sandy  6 T-Bone 3 Spiritual Anvale Armada Belle 2 by T-Bone 3



The type I like to sell

           Kaddy Free Portia 20  86 Pts @ 2 yrs  
          { sire Molly Brook Glenwood Freedom}
       sold to Lincolndell jerseys Lockington Vic for $2,500                               Thanks to  R & V Read " Lincolndell jerseys " for purchasing Kaddy Biestar Ellous 37 for $3,750 @ 2008 northern lights


         Kaddy Astound Olola 6 VHC sold at IDW 08 to Andrew Freemantle  for $3,000

 Kaddy KPP Ruby 21 VHC  Pi 126 by a home bred Pitino son                                6136 5.3 324 fat 4.0 244 prt in 281 days  pictured below sold at the colac classic

 Purchased by Wines and Church for $3,350 watch for her on the Western District show circuit

Kaddy KBP Ilagay 25  VHC 92 pi 103 {photo below} this 4yr old sired by a biestar son is a great dairy cow picked out by Brian Leslie for IDW 09 sale, produced at 2 yrs 4733 212fat 157 prt 305days,  placed 2nd 4yr old GMJBC OFC  dam is an 90pt, 6776 331f 259p PI 111 Soluke x  86pt lester x topopal her daughter has a pi 111 @2yrs     Sold to S Reid, Larpent where she produced 7635 litres 373kg fat 262kg prt PI 111

Kaddy Astound Daisy 39 pi 110 86@2yr old her dam is a big strong HC+ Ghandi 6830 litres 341 kg fat 268kg prt   av PI 115/5 x Glenroy x 86pt Skyline x 86pt  Span   the cows backing this heifer have calved every 12 months  for 4 generations    long lasting cows back this heifer     currently producing 21.5L 0.78p 1.07fat 101 days in milk    joined to Spiritual 15/11/08     Purchased by R & V Read Lincoln Dell Jerseys their 3rd kaddy purchase in 3 years   

 Northern lights AGM sale may 09

Lazy Acres 249 VHC this 3 yr old from the Ridgewood Junette family is sired by Bellarmarda from a brookbi produced at 2 yrs 5469 3.6 197 5.78 316 PI114 highest production 2yr old ever milked at Kaddy ptic Astound due August       pictured below sold to Darien Mathews

Lazy Acres 249



                Selling at IDW 2010

 a may 09 born daughter of



Kaddy Elmo Magnificent 13 Ex 92                                                                                             Gdam is an 88 pt sooner with a 30point vessel grtgdam is 92 point Molly Brook Major Success                                                             all 3 generations still milking at Kaddy  purchased by Wanstead jerseys    went 87@ 2yrs

Selling at IDW 2011 an april 2010 Parade from Success Magnificent 9 92pts  sold to Minestonette Jerseys

selling IDW 2012 an Ex outinfront from the Ixia Family                  , an Ex Iatola Beryl                                                      an 87@2yrs Special forces Silvermine Backed by 4 generations Excellent and a T-bone from Man sandy Ex 12generation or 6 embryos that are full siblings       

    herd contains   1 Sup 92 1Ex 92   2 VHC 91 17 Ex 90 15 VHC 90 14 88pts       28 87pts  50 86 pts   29 85pts 24 84pts  16 83pts  8 82pts  3 81pts 4 80pts   average score 86pts

  reasonably priced Embryos can be arranged from any cow  at Kaddy by the sire of your choice  



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