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The Worboys family have milked Jersey cows since 1960 at Kotta, 25km south west of Echuca, in the Goulburn Valley inVictoria. We have used AI and herd tested since the early 1970s.  The herd has come through genetic recovery, now very few are not fully registered. In the past very few cows were purchased, all replacements were AI bred and this has built a herd that has been listed in the top herd ABV's every year, topped the list at times and is currenty in the top 5.

Many bulls have gone into AI, 10 are in the top 200 for the April 2008 release (more than any other stud).  Mediator finished Number 1 on APR for the August 2005 proof and currently sits at respectable 23, with second crop daughters. Copperfield is number 1 for milk ABV and has been for quite some time.

Like all other farms in the north of Victoria we have battled through years of low rainfall and are currently battling our second severe drought since 2002.  This has caused much heartache and soul searching, the cows have continued to perform well and have made us realise that we want to continue dairying. 

Due to the need to invest heavily in infastructure to be able to milk on this farm into the future, in April 2007 we purchased a second farm (160 acres) 4.5km  away which has a dairy that is only 12 years old, although originally a 15 aside, we installed secondhand Larson stall gates which needed us to reduce to 14 aside but has made the cows more comfortable and secure.  The new farm bought with it more water right but due to water allocation still only around 25% of what we are normally used to things have been very tough still, with a lot of feed bought in to try and maintain numbers.  We have continued to use AI but have used a greater portion of PT bulls than usual. ET has been put on hold for the time being.  Like all new farms there is a lot of work ahead of us but we hope to be able to milk in excess of 250 cows compared to our old total of 130. The home farm will run all young stock and dry cows and with a return to reasonable conditions, cut hay and silage.

Silhouette Extract
Dam of Exceptional, Xfile and Dairyking.
60m 5465 6.7% 366F 4.6% 251P 305days

One of our favourite cow families is the "Ex" family.  They have produced the bulls, Topage, Exacter, Exceptional, Xfile, Dairyking, Examiner, Explosive and Midway.  The family is reproducing a good female line as well and we hope that more bulls will come up in the future.

Exceptional's sire line is Judds Admiral X Adonis X Hermitage X Top Brass X YDB X OGA X AM3


Exceptional daughter

        Silhouette Emma (Exceptional x Aerostar) 6013m 293f 235p 4th lac

Dairyking is a Lemvig and Xfile a Berretta from the same Adonis

Examiner is out of a full sister to the Adonis

Explosive is out of another Grand Daughter of the Top Brass by Adonis

S. Exquisite
Silhouette Exquisite 90pts,dam of Explosive
48m 8908lt 4.5% 402f 3.4% 302p 318days

Exacter is directly out of the Hermitage, while Topage was from the Brass

Midway's line branches off back at the AM3 cow he is a Lemvig X Alf X Glenwood X Top Goal X YDB X AM3

Another family doing very well is the M family they have produced bulls such as Mediator, Martinet and Copperfield. Although Mediator and Martinet are known for their test improvement and lower volume Copperfield has been number 1 bull for milk for several proof runs.

Silhouette Mediator is out of Silhouette Mellow (Taranak X Judds Admiral X Lester X Brass X Hi X Rose X Spot)

305 days 5758lt 6.04% 348F 4.58% 264P PI 115 (no pref treatment)

Mellow classified 86pts as a heifer but has not been re-classified as yet, she has scored well in OFC, her dam Merry was much admired in OFC competitions and was once said to have the best foreudder of that particular Challenge. The Hi and the Rose each have topped the herd for production and each produced over 300kg with no bail feeding.  They have been favourite cows through the whole line, being reliable producers and of excellent temperament. This line of cows goes back over 40 years on this farm.

Mediator daughter

Lace 4 is a Mediator daughter and the dam of Ecology his breeding is Outinfront X Mediator X Copperfield X Yankee Chief X GDO X YDB 

We currently have a selection of bulls available for sale here. The list is basic at the moment but we will add more information as time permits.  As likely animals are born they will be added to the list. Please contact us if you would like to inspect any of the bulls available.

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